Top Tips For Local SEO For Franchises With Multiple Locations

What Is On-Page Optimization?

On-page optimization is the process of making your website search-engine-friendly. This process is 100% under the control of the webmaster. You make certain changes on your website so that Google knows what your page is all about. On-page optimization lets you optimize your web page for the search engines as well as the users. Use-experience plays an important part in any effective on-page optimization strategy. Common on-page optimization practices include search-engine-friendly URLs, optimizing title tags, quality content, page speed improvements, and internal links.

On-page optimization is important because the process helps the search engines understand your web page and its content. The search engine will determine whether the page is relevant to a searcher’s query via on-page factors. Relevance and quality are two of the most important metrics in deciding where your website should rank on Google and the other search engines. Google has become smarter and more sophisticated in understanding what a user is actually searching for when he/she types a query.

The search engine consists of a plethora of complex algorithms to deliver search results that meet user intent. On-page SEO is the process that tells Google what your page is all about and where it should rank in relation to the user query. That’s why you need to rely on a professional digital marketing agency like Integrity Marketing to optimize all pages of your website across all locations. That way your website will attract highly targeted clients who are looking for your product or service on Google and the other search engines. Effective on-page SEO helps take your small business to the next level.

Basic On-Page Optimization Tips

We will implement the right on-page SEO strategies for all pages and locations of your website so that you will see an immediate boost in traffic and a rise in the search presence. Here are some of the most important on-page optimization tips to improve your search presence and traffic in a short time.

Expertise, Authoritativeness, And Trustworthiness

This is what Google considers when ranking a web page on the first page of the SERPs. Your website should be trustworthy, authoritative, and you should be an expert in your niche. Google always stresses the importance of providing high-quality context to the searcher. It makes sure that websites producing high-quality content are rewarded with higher rankings and websites that produce low-quality content are ranked lower in Google SERPs. Expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness play an important part in Google’s organic search results.

Title Tag

The title tag or HTML header tag of your web page is an important part of on-page SEO. It gives Google a clue as to what your page is all about. Your title tag should include the main keyword at the beginning of the phrase. It will feature prominently in the SERPs for potential clients to click and visit your website. Poorly written or duplicate title tags can have a negative impact on your on-page SEO efforts. That’s why our expert team pays close attention to the title tag of your page to make your site Google-friendly and attract highly targeted traffic to your business.

Meta Description

Meta descriptions provide a short description of what your web page is about. The meta description is usually displayed underneath the title tag in Google SERPs. A good meta description is important to improve your CTR or click-through rate. It also gives a hint of the quality of your web page. A better and relevant description will help your site to rank higher in Google SERPs compared to sites with irrelevant and low-quality descriptions.

Header Tags

Header tags are HTML tags that help identify headings and subheadings within your content. The title tag is the main heading or H1 tag of the content. Subheadings are included in H2-H6 HTML tags. These tags help your users and the search engines to understand your content more clearly. The H1-H6 tags make your content more enjoyable for visitors to read as well as offer keyword-rich context about the content for search engines. We make sure your content has the relevant header tags to streamline it for search engines and the users.

Image Optimization

Images help make your website more appealing. But you should be cautious when using images because large images can slow down your website. Since page loading speed is a metric that Google considers when ranking a page, you should use relevant images and compress them to improve the loading speed of your website. A good image can improve the on-page SEO of your page by providing faster page load times and better user experience.

User Engagement

Making sure the users won’t bounce is another important on-page SEO practice. You should make sure the user will continue to read your content, interact with it, and keep coming back for more. Bounce rate plays an important part when ranking a site in Google SERPs. The lower the bounce rate, the higher your web page will rank. Quality content and relevant images/videos are one way of retaining the user on your web page. Page loading speed also plays a part in lowering your bounce rate. Your web page has only 4-5 seconds to capture the attention of the user. If the page is slow to load, the user will abandon the page. Make sure you use compressed images, relevant videos, and quality content to provide a better user experience and rank your site higher in Google SERPs.

Local Optimized Landing Page For Each Location

Are you ready to attract local clients to your business? Do you want to boost your conversion rates? If so, you have come to the right place. Integrity Marketing has the right expertise to create locally optimized landing pages for each location to help take your small business to the next level.

Local SEO is ideal for businesses with physical locations that need direct contact with their clients. To make the process work for your business, it’s important to optimize your landing page design to rank for different locations depending on where your business has offices or stores. That way your target audience will be able to find your web pages in the search results more easily. The first step in this process is to identify where your customers are located. Once you have identified where your clients are located, the next step is to use localized metadata to create relevance.

Relevance plays an important part in ranking a web page higher in Google SERPs. Our expert team will create relevance in all your localized landing pages by using the correct metadata such as title tags, meta descriptions, and keywords. Metadata is important to optimize your local landing pages to attract the right type of clients.

Landing Pages For Surrounding Cities Around Each Primary Location

We then create separate landing pages for surrounding cities around each primary location for your business. That way we create a large network of local landing pages to attract the most number of clients who are looking for your products and services. Each landing page will be perfectly optimized for each location and surrounding city of your business. We do all this without charging you any additional fee.

What Is Link Building?

Link building is the process of getting hyperlinks or backlinks from authoritative and relevant sites to your own website. For example, when you and your competitors have done perfect on-page SEO, Google needs some way to differentiate between the two sites and rank the better site higher in its SERPs. That’s where link building comes in handy. Link building makes your site more authoritative and trustworthy when done correctly.

Link building is the process of building one-way backlinks to your website with the view of improving search engine visibility of your site. The quality of the backlink you get is more important than the number of links you get. In the good old days, a site could acquire thousands of spammy links and rank on the first page of any search engine. But things have changed today with the advancement of search engine algorithms. Google and other search engines focus on link quality than quantity today.

The authority of the page that links to your page play an important part when building backlinks to your website. An authoritative and relevant link is going to have a big impact on your rankings. For example, a link for an authoritative and relevant website passes more authority or PageRank to your website. Even though Google doesn’t share Page-Rank information publicly today, they still use it as a foundation of their algorithm.

The position of the link on your page is also important to help your site rank higher in Google SERPs. Is the link embedded in a piece of content or is it buried in the footer of your site? In fact, a link embedded in the content is more important than a link that is buried in the footer of your website. On the other hand, an editorially-placed link is more important than a link in a profile. Google puts more weight on editorially-placed links.

Getting Authority Links From Websites That Have Great Domain Metrics And Actual Traffic From Google

Google loves backlinks from high authority websites with actual traffic. If your website can get links from such websites, your site will rank higher in Google SERPs. That’s where Integrity Marketing comes in. Our experts have extensive experience in quality link building. We will make sure your local web page gets the right amount of backlinks from high authority and relevant sites that get actual traffic from Google. In fact, Google trusts the sites that link to your website and will pass on more authority to your site. That way your web page will rank for local searches and bring your more traffic and conversions.

Map Or Google My Business Optimization

GMB or Google My Business is a free tool that helps a local business manage its online presence in Google Search and Google maps. GMB gives increased visibility to your page and better shopping experience to buyers. When your business has an optimized GMB page, it helps Google understand more about your local business. Google gets to know about you, your service/product, location, and what your site is. With this information, Google can match your business with the right search query. Google’s three-pack is the most valuable position to be in. That’s where optimizing your map listing becomes so important.

Optimizing Your Map Listing

You need to have all these things in order to get your local business ranking higher on Google Maps.

Make sure you use a local phone number and not a toll-free number because Google isn’t keen on these numbers. Use the area code of the location with the telephone number. It helps verify that your business is a brick and mortar location in the area. Don’t use tracked phone numbers to segment the customers coming from Google Maps. Doing it the wrong way can damage your rankings. Make sure the hours of your business are updated. List the business as open, closed, or opening soon. Don’t forget to optimize your listing description to attract more targeted clients to your business. Categorize the business properly and add relevant photos to the map listing. These are important tips to optimize your map listing.

What Are Citations?

A local citation is any online mentioning of the name, phone number, or address of a local business. Citations are usually available on local business directories, apps, websites, and social platforms. It helps local clients to discover your business as well as to rank your business higher in Google SERPs.

The NAP (name, address, and phone number) information of your business should be consistent across all local directories, data aggregators, and voice search directories. There are two types of citations such as structured citations & unstructured citations. A structured citation will appear on a business directory such as Yellow Pages, MapQuest, Yelp, and Superpages. An unstructured citation could appear on any other site that’s not a business listing directory.

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